Profile Information

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General Statistics

Lieutenant V'Lor

Sex: Female

Race: Vulcan

Weight: 59 kg

Height: 173 cm

Age: 37 years old

Current Assignment

Removed from Active Duty

Physical Description:
V'Lor keeps her hair short and black parting at the side in a preference to more a Human style than the traditional androgynous Vulcan most Vulcans seem to prefer. V'Lor's light brown eyes come off a little whimsical to those that have gotten to know her. Her ears are pierced in a Human style sometimes with small studs. Her voice has a trace of Earth Scottish Highlands, where she spent early part of her life something that she has never been able to shake sticking with her for the rest of her life. This makes her standout amongst most Vulcans.

V'Lor is an attractive Vulcan Female standing at 172.5 cm (5' 8") with deceptively slight frame that is kept fit in tone with her well toned muscle mass. Like most Vulcans she rarely seems to show much emotion, but is not as cold towards others like most of her kind from her time growing up on Earth.

When she is not in Uniform, she seems to prefer casual and practical clothing with a style that is not Vulcan. It seems at times V'Lor is slightly rebelling against certain aspects of her Vulcan Heritage.

Family & Personal History:
V'Lor was born at San Francisco, CA, Earth not on Vulcan the only child to T'Jani, a female Vulcan attache to the Vulcan Ambassador on Earth and her mate Suran, a Xenoanthropologist of the Vulcan Science Academy. Suran's specialty is the study of Human culture having written many controversial papers with the help of his human friend and co-writer Angus MacLaughlin to other Vulcans on his observations of Human culture and their positive impacts on other species especially Vulcans. Her father a maverick in the Vulcan Science Academy had ruffled many a Vulcan's view points, but was eventually recognized as a free thinker amongst Vulcans.

T'Jani, her mother, had many logical differences over her mate's radical observations and behavior especially, Suran's belief that Logic was not the end all to logic and was a promoter of Reunification. T'Jani disagreed with Suran's views thus they were kept apart forced together for their child, V'Lor. That was until T'Jani wanted to send V'lor to Vulcan for further training because of her own cold nature even more so for a Vulcan had difficulties with their child. Suran could see his mate's struggle with motherhood and interceded taking their daughter under his care. T'Jani never considered in her logic to be a mother nor in her makeup, something that Suran stated to his mate was the result of her absence of accepting she had emotions. This would create a rift between her parents that never was truly been patched.

Suran, her father, moved to Scotland to work further on his studies and work with his human friend and science partner, Angus MacLaughlin, whom worked on several of their papers together. Angus's expertise in Xenopsychology helped bridge the gap for the grasps missing in Suran's own work. Together they created a unique format of education for V'lor. Suran was determined to prove his theories correct on Logic and Emotion using his own daughter as the experiment. His home schooling taught her logic and control of her emotions with the added accepting of them no longer hiding that they were there.

To work their experiment with V'lor it was determined it was best to raise V'lor on Angus MacLaughlin's family and ancient castle in the Scottish Highlands. Caroline, Angus's wife, became a surrogate mother to the young Vulcan girl as she grew up, a warmer mother than her cold Vulcan parent, whom V'lor would see time to time. She would eventually grow up at the castle with Angus and Caroline's two children they had later, their daughter, Fiona, whom she is 5 years younger than and Ronan whom V'lor is 15 years older than. They became a strange family.

V'lor loved growing up at the MacLaughlin castle and grew to love the history and culture that surrounded them. One thing she discovered on the property would be her love is the logical challenge of the Earth game known as golf on the golf course on the grounds. A game where you compete not just against the course but yourself as well. A game of patience and logic especially control that drove her to take a strong interest in the game.

V'lor became an amalgam of many different and radical ideas a hybrid of Vulcan Logic and Human Empathy. Logical and somewhat emotional that made her stick out as a Vulcan. V'lor learned to control her emotions but not suppress them. V'lor gained a love of more things Human than Vulcan in her time growing up on Earth and it became a shock to her when her mother arrived one day.

T'Jani had taken a post back on Vulcan and planned to take V'lor with her. T'Jani was determined to undo some of the damage to V'lor that she was logically sure her mate, Suran had done. Especially when her daughter cracked a smile on a recent visit. Suran fought but lost the argument of logic from T'Jani, whose point of the V'lor not knowing her Vulcan heritage would be a disservice to their daughter. Suran could not argue with that logic.

At the age of 13, V'Lor arrived on Vulcan with her mother. Here she learned more logic and her Vulcan heritage even if she liked it or not. V'Lor learned the distain by many of a Vulcan who met the strange young Vulcan by both her peers and adults. V'Lor felt an outcast amongst her own kind. She would remain on Vulcan until she was 18 years old. She does not talk about the time on Vulcan to many people.

Having as she thought survived Vulcan through Logic and Strategy to get around the other Vulcan children and adults, she seemed to prefer her time dealing with the non Terrestrial species that went through her mother's place of work. She made many friends most non Vulcan to the chagrin of her Vulcan mother.

At 18 years old, Vlor leaving Vulcan traveling around for next 3 years on a walk-about to work out what she wanted to do and see the galaxy. She visited some worlds many of them the Core worlds of Federation and at one stop changed her ambitions forever. She found herself in the middle on an incident on Deep Space Starbase involving the Ferengi selling weapons to the Orion Pirates. She stumbled upon this as Human Starfleet Officer undercover was found out. She was able to help him escape and then helped him stop the Orions from getting their hands on the weapons and became lovers. His name was Jason Cole, Starfleet Officer for the USS Crazy Horse. He returned to his post and V'lor was left behind. She knew it would be short, but with Cole's encouragement she made a decision her father Suran and her mother T'Jani did not expect of their daughter.

At the age of 24, V'Lor applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy, her chance to get back to Earth. V'Lor having grown up with her strange upbringing made her appreciate many different species and wanting to see the galaxy. V'lor had a logical ambition to become a Starfleet Captain one day of a mixed crew and not an all Vulcan ship that many Vulcan officers seemed to prefer.

Educational History:
V'Lor found herself through her testing perfect for going into Command, her grasp of Logic able to cut off her emotions. With the lack of officers and lives lost since the Dominion War, her personality profile has her on an accelerated track.

Her expertise falls under Starship Command, Starship Tactics, and First Contact Protocols, and Martial Arts, she has basic understanding like all departments but is not an expert in any.

V'lor has gained an obsession since her failure during the Kobayashi Maru, she believes that there is a way without cheating to beat the unbeatable program. She believes there is no such thing as a no win scenario.

Medical History:
V'Lor is a young Vulcan woman of good health. She has has had no serious injuries in her life but some broken bones and ligament tears from some of her extracurricular activates, because of her emotional state she does not suffer from Vulcan-REDACTED-.

Service Record

11401.31 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Hyperion as OPS

11402.09 - Promoted to Lieutenant for dedication to duty

11402.09 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Bremen as XO

11404.15 - Removed from active duty