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Mission Summary

Sigma Rho, Mission #5


Since their run-in with the Bajoran terrorist cell, things have been fairly quiet on this lonely Border Station. Ships come in and then leave, heading for more exciting space and greener pastures. One ship, however, has come to stay. The U.S.S. Xiphos is currently waiting for docking clearance to finally return home after several months being refit at Utopia Planetia, and she's bring onboard new crew and a new assignment, and perhaps a little bit of excitement for this area of space.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::stands in OPS, watching the viewscreen for the Xiphos::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak finds himself in the Turbolift, on his way to Operations::

<aOPS_Renard> *CEO*: U.S.S. Xiphos, you're cleared for docking port 4.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> @*aOPS_Renard*: Roger that Sigma Rho.  We'll see you shortly.  ::issues orders to the pilot to head for docking port 4::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Walks up to the docking umbilical, waiting for the Xiphos to secure.::

<SCI_Ens_Janx> CSO: The new scanners are operating at full capacity, sir. ::Sutak nods as the Ensign passes by:: SCI: Thank you, Ensign. ::he sits at the science station::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::sits at his office near the Promenade, reviewing some of the duty logs from the bomb incident::


ACTION: The Xiphos' sleek form cuts a beautiful image as it swings slowly around on thruster power and docks smoothly with the Sigma Rho.


<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::watches the Xiphos maneuver to the docking port:: Aloud: She's beautiful. ::wears a rare, brief smile::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::looks around for Ensign Calverian, then taps his combadge.:: *TAC*: Ensign, the Xiphos is docking soon.  I assume your on your way?

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> @*Xiphos*: All crew, we have now docked with Sigma Rho.  Prepare to disembark.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> *CTO*: Yes Lieutenant.  Making my way down now.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> @::secures the command chair and turns the conn over to part of the skeleton crew that got them here::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::steps out of his office, motioning for Roston to follow him:: Roston: Let's have a walk around, Chief.


ACTION: Various crewmembers lock down their stations, set for stationkeeping and start to disembark, the skeleton crew remaining behind for station checks.


<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> @::heads for the docking port and enters the airlock::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::turns to face the rest of OPS:: CSO: Mr. Sutak, are we ready for the artifact?

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *CSEC*: Lieutenant, please advise me when you have secured the device, and deliver it to my lab. ::He nods to Sumner::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::Takes the turbolift to the docking umbilical:: CTO: Reporting for duty Lieutenant.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::He faces his console and seems to nod several times... Perhaps he's practicing::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::taps his combadge again.:: *CO*: Commander, as I'm sure your aware the Xiphos has docked.  Ensign Calverian and I will begin our familiarization and systems check immediatly.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::spots an crewmember that's clearly not part of his SCE contingent and reasons it must be a Rho officer:  CTO: Lieutenant, permission to come aboard?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::starts heading for the docking level:: *CSO*: Acknowledged, on my way.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Turns to the CEO.:: CEO: Permission granted Commander, though I'd check in with the CSEC as soon as possible.


ACTION: The SCE crewmembers roll up into the airlock behind the CEO, a large antigrav unit supporting an oddly shaped device with a purplish-red hue.


<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CTO*: Very good, Thran. I'll be down to see it soon enough. Send Mr. Tegan up to OPS at his earliest convenience, please.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CEO: How was the trip, uneventful I ...hope.  :: watches the removal of the device.::  ALL: Well then...

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CTO: Understood.  ::continues down the corridor towards the turbolift.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::turns to the CEO.:: CEO: Well, you heard the captain, good luck.  ::Motions for Calverian to follow and heads to the ships bridge::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::Follows Thran to the bridge::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CTO: Far too uneventful, actually.  Hopefully this thing will bring you folks some excitement.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Turns around to face his new CO:: CO: Lieutenant Commander, permission to head to the science laboratory to receive the artifact.  

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::arrives at the umbilical with his team, mentioning for his crew to escort the SCE detachment::

<Tech_L'bur> ::nods to the CSEC, then sets the trolley to make it's way to the cargo turbolift for transport to the science labs::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods:: CSO: Granted. Have fun. ::tries to smile again, but isn't very successful::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::follows the SCE contingent to the turbolift:: TL: Science labs, level 10.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::motions for Calverian to take the secondary Tac station, then settles at Tac 1.::  TAC: ok, lets see whats new here.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::joins them in the turbolift:: CSEC: Lieutenant, I'm assuming I have the right person.  ::holds out a PADD::  Just need your signature here so that I'm not responsible anymore if you all blow up the station with this thing.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Nods, purposefully, at the Commander. He heads to the turbolift, allowing Janx back to the science console.:: TL: Level six.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::makes her way to Tac 2::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: Run diagnostics and power tests on the phaser arrays, I'm going to check on the torpedo functions and targeting sensors.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CEO: That's correct, Lieutenant Commander. Don't worry, I've already prevented this station from exploding once. ::takes PADD, then signs his signature, handing it back afterwards::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: Yes Lieutenant.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Exits the turbolift and enters his laboratory. He opens the large double-doors to allow cargo inside. He dons his labcoat and picks up a PADD, which he taps at vigorously.::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::Begins to run some tests as per her orders::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: Lets give the sheilds a good going over too.  ::smirks slightly.:: TAC: Shootings not going to do us any good if we're getting hammered.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CEO: So, what exactly do we have here, Sir?

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: The phasers rays are the new standard of Type XII, three strips - two dorsal and one ventral. Power is nominal, they're unused.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::squints at the display for the torpedo systems. :: TAC: Thats....odd.  Looks like some kind of new variable appature for firing just about any ordinace available.  Weird...but impressive I have to say.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSEC: Well...it's Vulcan.  And it's old.  ::scrunches up his face::  And it's purple?  I received it about two hours before we departed and we were told to wait until we got it out here before analyzing it.  So I have no idea.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: We'll have to take her out and fire off a few phaser shots, break them in and calibrate for maximum output.


ACTION: The Turbolifts arrive - eventually - and everyone crowds off followed by the antigrav sled, heading for Sutak's lab.


<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: Yes Sir.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: Looks like the shield output needs to be tweeked as well, I reading them running at nominal levels.  We'll have to get out new Engineer on that as soon as possible.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::taps her combadge:: *CTO*: Does she look as pretty on the inside, Thran?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::steps out of the turbolift after making sure someone is covering the rear:: CEO: Guess it's a job for the science department, then. Bit worried about getting something in here we know nothing about, though.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::takes the turbolift further on to OPS and scans the room looking for a tall Andorian::  CO: Excuse me Commander, I'm looking for a...  ::checks his orders:: ...Captain Idrani.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: Would you like me to call for him now Lieutenant?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::enters Sutak's lab and sees him already there:: CSO: Ah, Sutak, my friend, I have a present for you! I bet you'll like it, something right down your alley! ::grins::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::turns as the CEO arrives, keeping her face steady through the mention, and extends her hand:: CEO: I'm afraid he's been reassigned. I'm Commander Sumner, the new CO.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::hears the CO and glances over at Calverian with a slight grin. :: *CO*: Very shiny and new Captain, like a freshly minted latinum coin.  She needs a few adjustments to be at optimal operational specs, but I'm impressed.  i'm sure you'll agree a shakedown would be prudent...not to mention fun.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Nods to the Bolian and examines the antigrav sled:: CSEC: Yes, very good. Please, pull it over there, where I can contain it. ::Prepares the forcefields in section 8 of the lab::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: yes please, as soon as he's able to pull away.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::shakes her hand::  CO: Ah, typical of Starfleet bureaucracy to be behind the times.  Lieutenant Commander Senon Tegan, your new Chief Engineer, reporting for duty sir.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> SCE: Place it as direct, gentlemen. ::turns to Sutak:: CSO: I'll post some guards outside the lab, if you don't mind.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Raises a curious eyebrow:: CSEC: Whatever you see fit, Lieutenant.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::puts on a genuine smile:: CEO: Welcome aboard, Mr. Tegan. How was the trip?

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> *ENG*: This is Ensign Calverian, requesting an engineer to report to the bridge of Xiphos as soon as possible.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> SEC Team: Alright, Janik, P'tar, post outside the door. All: If you'll excuse me, gentlemen.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Has some recognition of the artifact, and places it's age in his mind.:: SCI: Forcefields up. Begin preliminary scans, nothing invasive. ::His team leaps into action as forcefields pop up around the device::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CO: Uneventful, sir.  Your Chief of Security has taken charge of the artifact and I believe they've begun analysis already.  You run an efficient crew, if I may say so.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::leaves the lab and chuckles to himself at the efficiency and sterness of Lt Sutak::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CEO: The threat of terrorism tends to sharpen ones senses. ::grins:: I've ordered our crew to familiarize themselves with the Xiphos' uprated systems. Likewise, I'd like for you to familiarize yourself with the Rho. She's old, but sturdy. Of course, any ideas you have to make her a little more sturdy are welcome.

<SCI_Crewman> CSO: There is no rust or corrosion... And it appears to be emitting a very low Electro Magnetic Field...

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::enters the turbolift and orders it to get back to the umbilical to the Xiphos::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> Aloud: If it is a device, it must serve some sort of purpose. Initiate the full barrage scan. Give it everything. ::Turns his attention to the PADD he holds::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CO: I've spent my career keeping old systems on their feet.  She probably just needs some duct tape and bailing twine.  Unless there's anything else I'll find my office and quarters and then check in on the SCE team...make sure they're not giving your boys any trouble.

<SEC_Crewman>: Aye sir.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods:: CEO: Sounds good. Let me know if you need anything, and welcome, again.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Sits back into the chair at Tactical, a nice upgrade to standing all the time.  starts a diagnostic on the shield ships targeting sensors, then swivles the chair to face Calverian.:;  TAC: So, how are you settling in ensign?  First assignments can be stressful, especially frontier posts like this.

<SCI_Crewman> CSO: Readings, sir. ::He passes a new PADD to Sutak::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CO: Thank you Captain.  ::turns and heads back to the turbolift, taking it down to Main Engineering::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> Aloud: It is NOT a forced singularity generator... However it has very similar properties... ::Sutak furrows his brow::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: I think I'm settling fairly well Sir. It's quite a lot of hard work but very rewarding.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::taps her combadge again:: *CTO*: Let's test the transporters. Also, I'm feeling lazy. Beam me to the bridge. ::hands off OPS to someone::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::he taps his combadge:: *CO*: Lieutenant Commander, has Ensign Jensen returned from leave? If not, will you please send an Engineer to my lab?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::arrives near the cargo holds:: SEC_Crewman: Alright, you take Cargo Holds 1 and 2, I'll check 3 and 4.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::taps her badge again:: *CSO*: Not yet. Contact Mr. Tegan; he should be available shortly.


ACTION: As the scans continue, the monitor spitting out background readings shows tiny spikes in the EM field from the device.


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Furrows his brow:: Computer: Locate "Mr. Tegan."

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Nods.:: TAC: yes it can.  Just don't be afraid or embarrased if you feel you need to get anything off your chest or you have any issues.  Thats what section chiefs and councelors are for.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *CO*: understood, stand by.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::thinks for a minute, then taps his com-badge:: *CEO*: Animim to Lieutenant Commander Tegan. Sir, can you let me know where the device was stored within the Xiphos?

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::after what felt like the longest turbo-lift ride of his life, arrives in Main Engineering::  Self: To do list item 1, convert one of the turbolift shafts into an express...

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CTO: I'll keep that in mind Sir. Thank you...

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: I guess the CO want's to play with the new toy too.  ::Smiles and engages the transporter control. ::  *CO*: Energizing.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak turns his attention back to his science crew:: Aloud: I'm seeing signs of an aperture on the side of the artifact. ::Picks up a personal shield generator from the table and affixes it to his belt. He enters the quarantined area around the artifact as the two forcefields glow and bounce blue off of one another::

<Computer>: CSO: Lieutenant Commander Tegan is in Main Engineering.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Beams the CO to the bridge.::  ALL: Captain on the bridge.  :Stands.::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> *CSEC*: Cargo hold 1.  It was expanded during the refit.  Just parts and tools in there with it.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::Stands::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *CEO*: Lieutenant Commander Tegan, can you please come to Science Laboratory One when you have a moment?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CEO*: Thanks, Sir, I'll check it out as part of standard security protocols.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::takes a moment to look around the bridge, feeling somewhat familiar thanks to an earlier obsession with Defiant-class vessels:: All: At ease. ::approaches the Captain's chair::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::heads back to Cargo Hold 1, where the SEC crewman is already present:: SEC Crewman: Let me run some scans, just want to make sure everything is alright.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::sits back down and faces the console screen::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak raises his tricorder to the aperture, attempting to learn more about it.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::takes his tricorder and makes a full sweep, trying to spot any anomalies or anything that might point to contraband (you never know)::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> *CSO*: On my way.  Self: Guess the self-guided tour will have to wait.  ::turns back around and takes the turbolift up to Science Laboratory 1::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Sits back down and resumes the scans and calibrations.:: CO: Come to enjoy that new ship smell ma'am?

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::enters the lab and spots a Vulcan science officer intently examining the artifact::  CSO: Someone asked for me?

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::smiles some:: CTO: Something like that. ::lightly taps the chair with her foot::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> Aloud: There appears to be microscopic focusing lenses throughout the device... They appear to direct towars the aperture... Let me see if I can open it... ::Sutak attunes his tricorder to "fiddle" with the artifact::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CEO: Lieutenant Commander, this device, tell me what you know about it... Where did you find it? ::Sutak keeps his eyes intently on the aperture and his work::

<SEC_Crewman>: Aye sir. ::the two SEC officers leave Cargo Hold 1 and go to their assigned holds::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::turns around, and takes a deep breath before slowly sitting in her first Big Chair::


ACTION: The monitor shows another spike in the EM field readings, scans seem to lose accuracy for a brief moment and a quiet 'click' is heard from the device.


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak rotates the EM band of his tricorder, and examines the aperture from which the click resounded::


ACTION: The aperture appear to rotate, almost as if it's spinning out of normal space - closed one moment, then open the next.


<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Watches the CO walk around the command chair, raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly.::  CO: You look as if you half expected to burst into flames.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> Self: Curious.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: To be honest, I was just the mule.  The Serene's report says it was some sort of singularity generator from an old Vulcan colony.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CEO: Do you recall the name of the colony? ::Sutak fixates on the aperture, flipping in and out of normal space... recording every bit of data, but remaining perfectly calm::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO: That's one possibility. ::tests the armrests and checks out the console, unable to keep her smile from growing::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: Is it uh...supposed to be doing that?  ::not entirely comfortable with things that don't have wires sticking out of them::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CEO: I have no idea, Commander. ::He pauses...:: CEO: But it is doing it, nonetheless.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::checks out Cargo Hold 3, then after making sure it was clear, starts heading back to the turbolift::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO: You're right; first chance we get for a shakedown, we're takin' it.


ACTION: A thin beam of light fires out from the aperture, directed at Sutak's chest, and the EM field spikes hard.


<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Looks over at Calverian and chuckles slightly.:: CO: We're more than ready whenever you are.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: Uh... ::checks his PADD::  The system is Gamma Iota in the Taurus Dark Cloud, but there's no mention as to the specific colony.  Perhaps the Science Academy on Vulcan or the historical archives would have more details on it.

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::startled for a brief moment at the light beam, pulls out a tricorder and immediately begins scanning Sutak and the aperture::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: Lieutenant, are you all right?

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO: Soon as this artifact business is out of the way. ::gets up and looks to Calverian:: TAC: What do you think, Ensign?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::exits the Xiphos and enters the turbolift, heading back to Sutak's lab::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Waves his hand in front of the light, as he examines his tricorder data:: CEO: Fascinating.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CO: Understood, but to be perfectly honest, we should make a priority on getting the ship calibrated asap, considering our isolation and whats happened here already.


ACTION: It's just light, his hand passes right through it.


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::making his way to the lab, he nods to the SEC stationed outside and enters the lab, noticing the beam pointed at Sutak:: CSO/CEO: What the hell is going on?

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: Ok sure, we'll go with that.  ::puzzled at the readings he sees::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CO: I'm more than ready to get started.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Turns his attention to the activity in his lab:: CSEC: Please stand back, Lieutenant. ::Changes the EM Frequency of his tricorder once again...::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO: I agree, but I want the whole crew available.


ACTION: The EM field spikes once again, and the light flicks off, the aperture closing.


<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSEC: We appear to have...discoved an ancient Vulcan film projector?  ::shrugs::


ACTION: The EM field readings start to rise.


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Stands and steps out of the forcefield. He removes his PSG and returns to his console:: All: Let me see what we've recorded, here...

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::takes a few step back as directed:: CSO/CEO: So there's no cause for alarm, right?

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::moves over to flight control:: CTO/TAC: When we go, I'm taking a turn at the conn. Remember I said that. ::flashes a smile, seemingly in a better mood than she's been in for a while::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: You know Lieutenant, it might be a good idea to analyze this from a distance.  Like perhaps from the next room over?  EM fluctuations like this are rarely good.


ACTION: Instead of it's usual purplish-red hue, it starts to...throb, the light changing almost as if it's passing through every spectrum of colour faster than the eye can make out.


<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSEC: In my experience, there is always cause for alarm.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Shrugs.:: CO: Of course, your the Captain.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CEO: These forcefields are more than enough to keep us safe. The EM fields should be isolated to within the field. ::Checks his readings to ensure their safety.::

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> ::takes a couple steps back anyhow::

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::glances back to the CTO, as if that thought was only just hitting her:: CTO: I am, aren't I?


ACTION: The device darkens, almost appears to shift out of normal space.


<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::laughs at herself:: CTO/TAC: Please don't tell anyone I asked that.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::Smiles:: Your secret's safe with us, Captain.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sees the device shifting in and out of normal space.:: Aloud: Curious...


ACTION: A *thrum* fills the space, like a breathe of warm air against everyone's face, and anyone close to the device has their ears pop like there's a change of pressure.


ACTION: The device returns to it's normal hue, the EM field readings die, and it seems as inert as when it was first brought in.


<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO/TAC: I should get back to the station before something weird happens. Make a list of things we need to calibrate, and I'll get us that shakedown cruise. ::nods and heads for a turbolift::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CO: Aye captain.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CSO/CEO: What the hell happened? ::looks visibly worried::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak furrows his brow and examines the data in front of him... Suddenly notices that Animim is not in the lab anymore...::

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> CO: Yes Captain.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CEO: Did Lieutenant Animim leave the laboratory?

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: EM fields should be isolated within the field he says...totally safe he says...

<+CEO_LtCmdr_Tegan> CSO: If by leave you mean vanish into thin air, then yes.

<@CO_LtCmdr_Sumner> TL: Airlock.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> TAC: I guess thats what the humans call an itchy trigger finger.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> All: Well... That should not have happened.

<+TAC_Ens_Calverian> ::stifles a laugh::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CSO: So, what exactly happened, Lieutenant? Sutak? ::is puzzled why the Vulcan doesn't respond::


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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