About the Game

What is it that keeps people playing Star Trek: Engage every single week?

When you join Star Trek: Engage, you immediately belong to a community of fun, creative people just like you.

You'll also get instant access to our easy-to-use Character Creator (link) tool that will help you decide what Federation species you want to play as, what their unique strengths and weaknesses are, a little bit about their history, and their family background.

This is your chance to show everyone what makes your character unique.

You will then get to decide what position you want to take on one of our starships.

After that, you will be introduced to your new shipmates who are all Star Trek fans, too.

Then, it's time for the real fun to begin!

During your hour-long, weekly chat-based missions, your Game Director will be your story-teller and guide, weaving a fantastical world of Trek-style sci-fi around your ship and crew.

How you and your friends react to your GD's story will change what happens next, so be sure to think before you act!

Play for an hour. Enjoy it all week.

Your adventure needn't be confined to one hour a week on-line.

Take your character one step further by posting a log on our dedicated message board for your crew to read and enjoy.

Logs are a fantastic way to flesh out your character's thoughts, emotions and opinions in a way that on-line role-play alone just can't do.

So, by combining both of these great role-play styles, Star Trek: Engage is able to give you all the quick-thinking fun of live gaming, and the vibrant, complex world that will make your character really stand out!

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How far will you go for your crew?

The braver you are, the greater the rewards. It's that simple.

You will start out as a Cadet. As you play, you will be promoted to Ensign, and from there, you'll travel further up the ranks until - if your character survives the perils of space - you reach the rank of Captain and get to command your own ship!

Along the way, you'll also earn medals and awards for your accomplishments, meaning there's no shortage of reasons to get stuck in and start playing!

So, join us now, and start your very own Star Trek adventure today!

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